Air Vistara – Economy Class Travel Experience from Mumbai To Delhi

While coming back from Mumbai, I decided to shell out a few extra rupees and try the airline I’ve heard pretty good reviews about – Air Vistara. Air Vistara was born as a joint venture between Tata Group and Singapore Airlines in 2015 and has been garnering quite a patronage of frequent flyers.

I booked an air Vistara flight for the next day as I had some urgent work in Delhi, and it costed me about the same price as other budget carriers, about 400 rupees extra. I proceeded to check in online and get a window seat for myself (I’m not the aisle seat lover yet, I really don’t need to go to the washroom in short haul flights, have short legs and have no hurry of leaving early after the plane lands :P).

The air Vistara flights take off from the Terminal 2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Though the boarding got delayed by about 20 minutes, it was a pleasant experience thereafter as Vistara has pretty seamless boarding. There were no queues once inside the plane and people took to their seats pretty quickly.

The aircraft had interesting light panels, changing light from pink to green to white and a fine mist was being blown into the aircrafts from around the those lights (not sure of their purpose, but it definitely gave a nice fresh vibe to the plane).

The seats were quite comfortable when compared to seats in economy class of other airlines. They were upholstered and had sufficient leg room.

While the plane was getting ready to take off, I browsed through the Air Vistara magazine. It was a good read, consisting of something for everyone. There was an article on medical tourism that I loved (being a medical content writer) and also articles around interesting travel options around the world.

Air Vistara
Air Vistara magazine

The plane took off and about 45 minutes into the flight we got our meals.

I opted for the vegetarian meal. It consisted of Peri peri paneer with pita bread and a hobbits chocolate with a small bottle of water.

Air Vistara
Air Vistara Vegetarian Meal

It was followed by tea or coffee. I chose tea. We were provided black tea to which we could add dairy whitener & sugar to taste.

Air Vistara

The seats were quite comfortable when compared to economy class of other carriers. There was sufficient leg room and the upholstered seats made it comfortable for the back too.

Overall, it was a very interesting experience. I would definitely be trying premium economy of air vistara soon and letting you guys know my review about it! Thanks for reading.

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