Kyani & Co – Preserving the Past

Kyani & Co – Preserving the Past

When I first went to Mumbai and walked into Kyani & Co, I experienced like I’ve walked into a different era having a comfortable familiarity. The bentwood chairs, high ceilings and glass jars storing biscuits and nankhatai reminded me of my ancestral home having furniture passed down the generations. Evidently the interiors had something extremely comforting about them for someone like me – who searches for a bit of her childhood everywhere.

The place has a calm demeanor despite the constant commotion of traffic outside, stirring of orders through the kitchen and hubbub of people walking in and out.

The cafe was originally founded in 1904 but has since added more dishes to the menu while keeping the basics same. Everything is priced at extremely reasonable prices and yet the quality is kept up to the standards of a place people feel so much emotional attachment to. It’s one of the oldest Irani Cafes of Mumbai and while the bentwood chairs and checkered tables, high ceilings and iconic photographs from a bygone era make this place look a 114 year old that it is, the inventive and vast menu has evolved over the years to incorporate more flavours. The menu includes interesting combinations of chicken, cheese, salami and mutton in various rolls and sandwiches. Eggs are cooked and served in more than 20 ways and people can’t help but fall in love with the akuri, mutton & cheese omlette. Don’t forget it to wash it down with some Pallonji’s raspberry soda.

Kyani & co
Raspberry soda at Kyani & co

The dessert menu is vast – with the basic bread pudding to the inventive aamras float. I would highly recommend you try the cherry cold custard, lagan nu custard and Mawa cake.

If you’d rather stop by for a quick bite, you can always have their bun maska, some khari and Irani chai and watch the 1900s charm take over.

In such a short span of time Kyani & co has made me a patron wanting to travel miles for their food – I have only begun to understand why exactly are people so loyal to this humble old bakery years on. It’s places like these which let us have a glimpse into simpler times and cherish the slow paced moments.

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