How Was My Experience At Daphne Hotel Mahabalipuram

How Was My Experience At Daphne Hotel Mahabalipuram

To be very honest, one of the primary reasons for me to book Daphne Hotel was that it was probably one of the cheapest hotels listed in Mahabalipuram on . I had initially set my heart on another hotel, a more “Plush” looking hotel with a swimming pool, but that was way out of my budget.

However, as I walked into Daphne hotel, I was extremely content with my decision of booking the hotel. For those of you who’ve been following me on my social media since a long time, know that I adore any place with lots of plants. Daphne had corridors and courtyards lined with palms and beautifully framed flat long leaves. The balconies upstairs had lines of pots with flowers while the terrace had Bougainville growing in multiple colours.

There was a common swing outside, but the rooms too had their own chair swing and a recliner.

AC room at Daphne Hotel Mahabalipuram
Poster bed at Daphne hotel Mahabalipuram

The AC room had a gorgeous poster bed, a swing, a recliner, a desk with two chairs, an open shelf and two night stands.

Swing In The AC Room at daphne hotel Mahabalipuram
Recliner in Daphne hotel Mahabalipuram

It was definitely too good to be true, considering that all other budget hotels in Mahabalipuram didn’t manage to impress me a lot.

However, the bathroom might be a put off for some. It wasn’t the most pristine looking bathroom and there wasn’t a jet with the toilet seat. It had a basic bucket and tumbler. However, the shower was decent and the flush worked well – so it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

bathroom at Daphne hotel Mahabalipuram

The restaurant at Daphne hotel is a rooftop restaurant (on the terrace surrounded by gorgeous Bougainville). It’s definitely a gorgeous place to be eating at, but since we visited in off season, the restaurant was closed.

The hotel is very close to the beach, about a five minute walk. The shore temple is also close by. Additionally, it’s right off the market of Mahabalipuram and a small grocery shop is right outside the hotel.

The service at Daphne was very impressive. When the staff saw me going crazy and clicking pictures of every plant I could find in the courtyard, they directed me towards the terrace as it had even more plants, flowers, and creepers. The hotel provides you with towels, a blanket and medimix soap.

A major bummer on the Mahabalipuram trip was when my sister’s eye swell up at night. It was probably due to an insect bite, or sand entering her eye starting an localised allergic reaction surrounding her eye. We went to the clinic nearby to get it evaluated. Due to the antibiotics, my sister decided to stay at the reception and rest while I explored the city (we had already checked out.).

The staff was kind enough to let her rest in one of the spare rooms instead of sitting at the reception.

Overall, it’s a picture perfect place. The plants and palms and greens outside, the minimalistic and beautiful room and the moderately decent washroom make this place your ideal chilled-out budget hotel in Mahabalipuram.

Price – 1500 for two people when booked the same day online. You can get it for much, much cheaper when booked in advance.

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