Staying in a  gorgeous old building in Colaba – Check!

Staying in a gorgeous old building in Colaba – Check!

Ask me to name my favourite neighbourhood, and in an instant I’ll tell you it’s Colaba. The old mansions, paver block tiled roads, lanes lined with trees and a stone’s throw distance from the sight of the sea are a few of the factors that made me fall in love with this neighborhood. During my week long stay at backpackers panda in Colaba, I spent multiple evenings walking through the Henry lane and Oliver Street looking at old mansions and buildings. I always wondered- what would it be like, to live in these houses with huge windows? How would it feel to sit in that balcony looking over a calmer side of Mumbai?

This time, I searched a bit and got to do just that. I got myself a room in one of these mansions and I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

The rooms are minimalistic and airy – there’s wooden bed, a small day bed, an almirah, a bench, a study desk and a small dresser in the room. The amount of simplicity that these rooms had totally made me feel like I’m living here, and not just visiting.

The balcony of my room overlooked a beautiful park. It made the room seem even more airy.

Overall, this place made me feel like I’m living in simpler yet more charming times. Something about this property made me feel as if I was living in an old house, and that the rooms were not the part of a hotel.

How did I score this great deal?

This hotel is located inside of an old building at Oliver Street known as Jer Manzil. It’s very easy to miss it, as only a small little board says Bentley Hotel.

You can easily book this hotel from any of the online hotel booking portals. I booked it a few hours before checking in, so a double room costed me around 4,000.

The noisy flush and the creaking windows panes might be a little uncomfortable for a few of you, but believe me the airy rooms, the gorgeous staircase, the beautiful floors and the location of this place makes up for everything.

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