Bakri Chhap – The green people

Bakri Chhap – The green people

Very rarely do I come across brands which resonate with my Ideas and add themselves to my long list of trusted brands. With Bakri Chhap, it happened in a matter of seconds.

A concept created by The Green People, Bakri Chhap brings products from the Himalayan Villages to your homes. Bakri Chhap is a brand for farmers as they remove the need of middlemen and directly connect the producer to the consumer, making it beneficial for both the consumer and the farmer.

  • Bakri Chhap Promotes ancient and natural forms of agriculture.
  • The produce is cultivated in a natural way without harmful chemicals.
  • They have a really interesting range of products – from spices to cereals,from Finger Millet to Amaranth.
  • The farmer gets the appropriate price for his produce, since no middle men are involved {I love this}.
  • They’re working towards encouraging micro cuisines and engaging culinary experts in their journey back to the basics.

I recieved Red Rajma,Himalayan Red Chilli and Red Rice from Bakri Chhap. They come in an adorable jute bag with the packets sealed safely along with a copy of ‘Lallan Times”. The products are also very nominally priced.

If you’re interested in understanding how and where are your products being cultivated, you can visit their farm retreats and understand their concept from a first hand experience. The most interesting part of this activity is, there is no fixed charges for the stay, you can Pay As you like.

Other than promoting healthy,nutritious and farmer friendly Himalayan Produce through Bakri Chhap, The Green People with their other projects (like the goat village) are also promoting Community Based Tourism, Nature based tourism,Cultural and Heritage Tourism and Agricultural Bases Tourism. Not only are they providing interesting travel experiences to travellers and earning opportunities to the rural residents, they are also working towards a goal of reverse migration by helping create a lot of opportunities for the locals. (more about them here )

I think Bakri Chhap has found a loyal customer just by being what they are. We need to brands like these who not only benefit the consumer, but also give back the farmer and the environment. I’m extremely impressed by both their vision and products and would highly recommend them.

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