Udaipur – Day 1

Udaipur – Day 1

After my Jaipur trip in 2016,I was determined to visit the culturally rich state of Rajasthan over and over again in the coming years.

Call it the universe’s conspiracy,I was able to visit another beautiful place within the state before 2016 ended- Udaipur.

I had seen Udaipur in pictures and movies,but I couldn’t be more wrong when I thought that it’s a place only for Luxury Travel. Of course, Udaipur has a LOT to offer for travellers who can afford to splurge,but that does not mean that people on a shoestring budget cannot explore and enjoy the place.

After making an impromptu plan of going out of Delhi for christmas,we reached Udaipur by Rajasthan Tourism’s Volvo,and it was a pretty comfortable 14 hour journey.

The bus stops at a roadways like bus stand,so carry woolens if you’re going during the winter time because it gets pretty chilly once you reach there.

Day 1 – We reached Udaipur Bus Stand at 5 in the morning. After almost freezing to a perfect gelato consistency,we decided to take an uber at 6:30,when the day started to break. After our uber dropped us near Gangaur Ghat, we decided to walk a little and explore our hostel’s neighborhood because the streets were still empty. When we went to the actual bank of river we were absolutely stunned by the beauty of Udaipur. It came as a pleasant surprise since we weren’t planning to walk around early morning. It was absolutely spectacular. Beautiful hills surrounding the glittering Pichola,a violet tint to the morning sky. Since the skies were clear,we also saw a couple of shooting stars. I cant describe what I felt sitting on the stairs of  the ghat at that moment. I was simply enjoying what was before my eyes.

Udaipur Lake Pichola

After the sky lost it’s orange and violet tint and transitioned towards a more constant blue colour,we decided to reluctantly leave the ghat. We reached our backpackers hostel – Banjaara Hostel and quickly got dressed for a day of fun.

We initially thought about looking for something like a sightseeing bus for the first day,just like we took the Jaipur Sightseeing Double Decker Bus which costed us only 200 rupees per person and took us to far off places like Amber Fort as well as places right within the heart of Jaipur City. However in Udaipur,all the attractions were within walking distance of where we stayed at – Gangaur Ghat,so we walked to almost all the places.

  • We walked to Laal Ghaat,where we thought we could go boating. Unfortunately,all of the boats were busy and there was a waiting time of 20 minutes. 

We decided  to go have breakfast first. We  stopped at Cafe Namaste French Bakery.  By the number of stairs that we climbed, we assumed that the view of the lake would be spectacular from the restaurant. However, the lake was visible from only one of the tables so if you’re thinking of picking this place for the view,it’s better to give it a miss. We ordered Nutella pancakes,Mashed potatoes with cheese and chocolate shake.

Udaipur nutella pancakes
  • After replenishing our lost energy in the long travel,we set out of set out for City Palace. City Palace was within walking distance of our hostel. 

City Palace was built over 400 years by several Mewar rulers,but it’s construction was started by Maharana Udai Singh II. The complex includes Amar Vilas, Badi Mahal,Bhim Vilas,Chini Chitrashala,Choti Chitrashali,DilKhusha Mahal,Darbar Hall,Fateh Prakash Palace,Krishna Vilas,Laxmi Vilas Chowk,Manak Mahal,Mor Chowk,Rang Mahal,Sheesh Mahal and Museum in the Zanana Mahal. Many parts of the Palace aren’t accessible for general public. I would also advice you to take along a Government guide who would be able to explain all the details around the Palace in detail.

Udaipur city palace
  • After exploring the City Palace,we walked back to our hostel and took a nap for about an hour. In the evening,we took an auto to Dudh Talai – for a cable car ride to Karni Mata Temple. You can also reach the temple by stairs,but the cable car provides a phenomenal view of the city at a very nominal price. Though going in the morning can give you a beautiful view of the lush hills and shining blue waters,the evening ride provided us with glittering heavenly view of Udaipur. 
View of Udaipur from Karni Mata Temple

Since we spent too much time admiring the beauty of Udaipur from the top of the hill,by the time we reached back to Dodhi Talai by climbing down the hill all the autos had left and we had to wait 10 minutes for our uber to arrive. 

After reaching Gangaur Ghat,we decided to walk around again,buy a couple of silver nose rings and just relax by Lake Pichola.

For Dinner,we decided to go to ‘Little Prince Restaurant ‘ on Lake Pichola. 

It was extremely affordable and the food was delicious. 

We wrapped up the day by heading to our hostel’s common area and talking to other backpackers. Our roomate,Anne was extremely sweet and had loads of stories to share once we got back to our room. As soon as we landed on our bunk beds,we snoozed off in a couple of seconds. Little did we know that Day 2 and Day 3 would bring in a lot more fun.

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