Yogi Nursery, Kalkaji

Yogi Nursery, Kalkaji

I stumbled across Yogi Nursery purely by accident. While going towards Nehru place I read the word ‘nursery’ written outside a wall, and the plant lover inside me instinctively extended my entire body out of the auto, determined to read which nursery it is.

It is located on the main ring road, Opposite Kalkaji Mandir Metro Station. Funnily enough, the first thing I ever bought from here was a Khurpi. (As dangerous as that sounds, it’s a simple gardening tool)

I returned to buy a lot of plants for my home.

First Impressions

The nursery is huge! They have rows of outdoor flowers, an entire section of indoor plants, outdoor plants, a section for succulents and cactii and a huge section full of ceramic,earthen and plastic pots. Gardening tools and seeds are also available. They also have tiny puppies roaming about the nursery. There is every kind of plant available there – from palms to bonsai.

Product Quality 

I bought some gardening tools, 3 dumb canes (yes, that’s a plant. And no I don’t like that name either) and two tiny beautiful plants. The dumb cane was only for 100 Rupees. I was looking for this extremely common plant everywhere but wherever I looked it was sold out, so I was delighted to find it so cheap at Yogi Nursery.


Since it’s a new nursery, the staff is usually busy but once you get their attention they are super helpful. There’s a little boy here who is the sweetest and helps me put all the plants in an auto while waiting for me to get an auto. Even while buying something as simple as plastic pots, the staff patiently explains the variants and helps you choose.

My experience (s) at Yogi Nursery has been quite good. It’s a great place for people in south Delhi to head over to for a great variety of plants. 

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